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Hello from Susan Cooney and Bruce Strnad, married, of Spring High Rat Terriers in Lake City, FL. We welcome you to our site. Lake City is located in north Florida, north of Gainesville, near the intersection of I-75 and I-10.

Our personal goals as active members of the rat terrier community are:
1. To thoughtfully breed health-tested adult dogs that exhibit the best companion temperaments, along with correct breed type and conformation.
2. To raise happy, healthy, quality puppies for ourselves, thereby keeping our breeding program moving forward.  
3. To carefully place pet quality puppies and show/breeding potential puppies, as well as an occasional retiring adult dog, in their best forever homes, and to assist the new owners as much as possible for as long as necessary.
4. To follow our puppies and dogs and their adventures with their new families over the years.

We look forward to hearing from you, and we enjoy introducing everyone we meet to this wonderful, versatile breed.

Thank you for your interest.
Sue, Bruce & rat crew at Spring High
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Sue is holding UKC GRCH Windys Blackjack @ Spring High (Jack is now retired).  She was born and raised in Parsippany, NJ and graduated from Parsippany High School and Rider College, Trenton, NJ.  She is a retired Morris Plains, NJ elementary school teacher and moved to Boynton Beach, Florida in 1996 to help her ill father after a 25-year teaching career.  She has interest in and has owned and shown quarter horses and American Saddlebreds.  In addition, she has owned and shown several antique and classic cars. Her parents had moved to Boynton Beach in 1975, so it was a home away from home already, and an easy transition to come to Florida.
Bruce joins Sue and Jack.  Bruce lived until age 12 in rural Huntington next to Wix's potato fields (home of the famous "Long Island Potatoes").  His family moved to Boynton Beach, Florida in 1960. He attended Seacrest High School, Palm Beach Junior College, US Navy Class "A" Electricians school in Davisville, RI and then off to Japan with the Navy CB's as a Telephone Equipment trouble shooter and military SP.  Upon return to "The States" he became an FPL lineman, FPL cable splicer, Palm Beach County Bridge Electrican, and had his own business as a welder, metal fabricator and machinist in Boynton Beach for many years.  He has one son who lives in West Palm Beach, FL.   Sue and Bruce left Boynton Beach and moved to Lake City in January, 2005.
Here's SPRING HIGH'S SUNFLOWER, the rat terrier that started it all for us.  Sunflower was born in October, 1999 and we got her as a puppy.  She is a Standard-sized rat terrier and weighs in at a hefty 24 lbs.  What prey drive she has!  Sunflower is now spayed and is a beloved house pet and bed dog.

SPRING HIGH RAT TERRIERS actually was named after an American Saddlebred show horse named Spring High.  That name seemed to fit the rat terriers so well!
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